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ART HOUSE PROJECT is a regional working and international cooperating platform for art and artists which is based in Eisenstadt, Austria. ART HOUSE PROJECT combines local streams of artistic creations with international movements, social topics with cultural expressions. It works as a playground for aspiring as well as established art, artists and people of the creative economy. Through the on-line network as well as in local events, involvement and active participation of the collaborators are supported while self-profesionalisation as well as co-working are promoted key factors to withstand and succeed in the global art market, as an individual as well as a part of a community.


The House of ART HOUSE PROJECT is a former private home which was transformed in an art space in December 2013. Eight graffiti and street artists from around the world gave the facade new faces, design and colours. The space of the premises, inside the house as well as the garden, is used for events and exhibitions which include not only contemporary visual arts, but also music, performances, media and transmedia arts as well as arts&crafts. The house is open for the public from March till October.


The artists of ART HOUSE PROJECT come from all over the world, seek to work together in community and reach people on a global level. Displayed and presented are those who are part of the community and will or have already participated or exhibited in an ART HOUSE PROJECT event. What is your art? Photography, painting, sculpturing, writing, performance, design, singing, … Are you an actor, a coach, a magician, a musician…? BE PART and get your platform!


The community of ART HOUSE PROJECT is open to everyone who wishes to work with creative and visionary people from all over the world. Our network is, on one hand, the events of ART HOUSE PROJECT, where artists, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, gallerists, investors, dreamers and doers can come together, but it is also the on-line network of our page. There we share insight into movements, possible collaborations, interesting art spaces, rooms for exhibitions, discussions,… Be free to ask and to question, be free to share, be free to connect, to realize and to act. BE PART.


The Events of ART HOUSE PROJECT are created with a certain topic per year in mind, giving space and time from four to eight approaches. These events happen between March and October. Besides the presentation of art in the house and occasionally garden, live-music or performances, wine from surrounding wineries and food are an integral part of the concept. Each event is unique, a work of art that is created in community. If you want to take part in one or more of our events, or you want to create your own ART HOUSE PROJECT event CONTACT us.