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Wolfgang Abfalter


is a regional working and international cooperating platform for art and artists which is based in Eisenstadt, Austria. ART HOUSE PROJECT combines local streams of artistic creations with international movements, social topics with cultural expressions. It works as a playground for aspiring as well as established art, artists and people of the creative economy. Through the online network as well as in local events, involvement and active participation of the colaborators are supported while self-profesionalisation as well as coworking are promoted key factors to withstand and succeed in the global art market, as an individual as well as a part of a community.

The focus of ART HOUSE PROJECT is threefold:

First, it lays on sustainable development in the arts and creative economy branche through collaborations between locally based artists and small enterprises and international working artists, participants and partners of the creative sector.

The second emphasis is to make art accessible as a living form of expression, as a medium of communication and transformation through exhibitions, events, projects and workshops.

The third focus lays on the agiltiy of ART HOUSE PROJECT as a meta-organisation which manages itself based on its community, through proposing necessary tools and spaces for participants by participants. In this way it forms a trading centre for possibilities and visions, and a testing ground for self-professionalisation.

Everything you can imagine is real! Let’s do it together.