If you are interested in becoming a member of ART HOUSE PROJECT, please check out the information below.
If you want to become a member, send the following information via pdf:

• Name (first name, surename, titel)
• Address (street, zip code, city, country)
• Contact (Telephone number, E-Mail)
• 5-8 photographies/audiofiles/videos of your artworks/projects/music/literature/… with a short description
• Bio/CV/Vita
• 1 Photography of you

What is the membership fee?

1x Inscription: € 25,-
Per year: € 60,-

Bank Information see below.


• As a member you have the possibility to exhibit (or to present works
(books/performances/ compositions…) once a year within the framework of the events
• You receive reduced fees for the rental of premises.
• You have an artist profile on the website of ART HOUSE PROJECT ( → artists).
• You will be promoted 2 times per year on our social media accounts (facebook, instagram, twitter)

You will be notified when accepted. After that the membership fee is due.

BANK Details:

V. R. GONZALEZ RODRIGUEZ, Bawag PSK, IBAN: AT07 1400 0381 1006 3773, BIC: BAWAATWW

Please put Membership AHP and your last name in the section “payment reference” (Zahlungsreferenz)