Nora Demattio studied cultural & social anthropology and art history at the university of Vienna. 2009 she left Austria for Guatemala, where she collaborated through her short stories and poems with artists on exhibitions and events before starting her research in Petén about position, significance and visibility of women in guatemalan tourism. She worked alongside with local tour guides in the rainforest for eight months and, after moving to Antigua Guatemala, she wrote aritcles about important mayan sites in Petén for “Que Pasa” magazine and worked for the “Mundo Guatemala” travel agency.

In 2012 Víctor Sales and Nora Demattio realized their first photo exhibition in Guatemala City, called “Hom(m)enaje”, before moving to Austria. In June 2013 Nora Demattio created “Blattwerk2013”, arts&crafts from old books and papers, and on the 21st of December 2013 ART HOUSE PROJECT was born.

Main emphasis of her work is, in addition to the artistic expression, the cultural and social cooperation and collaboration, in which intercultural competence and multilingual skills are of equal importance. The handling of the complexity of the work in ART HOUSE PROJECT, and the implementation is based on years of experience in organizing trips and events, no matter under what circumstances. Flexibility, innovative and creative thinking as well as active measures to set actions are her strength and passion.



Víctor Sales, artist, photographer and writer is engaged since the 90s in the artistic and cultural revival of Guatemala and involved – as an assistant or participant – in cultural events of various kinds just as exhibitions, concerts, performances, readings.

From 1999 to 2004 he studied at the Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala Clinical Psychology to better understand motivation and processes behind decision-making of individuals and worked as an assistant manager in his family business. After eight-months abroad in 2010, he returned to Guatemala and started freelancing as a photographer in different sectors (commercial, events, artistic photography, etc.). He got employed for two years as a photographer and writer for the magazine “Que Pasa” in Antigua Guatemala as well as an event photographer of Red Bull amongst other things.

Thanks to the cultural exchange which Víctor Sales experienced in his travels, he was able to learn new languages, different cultures and expressions. This sparked in him the desire to participate active in the art world as well as to work in and with cultural diversity.

Since 2012 Víctor Sales lives in Austria. He worked for three years in advertising and got increasingly involved in the organization of the artistic and cultural events of ART HOUSE PROJECT. He established himself as a successful photographer and artist.