Lucía Morán Giracca

Lucía was born in 1978 in Guatemala City. She’s been dedicated to painting since early age. Licenced in Archaeology at the “Universidad del Valle de Guatemala” dedicating long seasons to the research of the mayan world.

In 2000 she wins the contest “Young Creators” of Bancafé with the performance “Guardarecuerdos” (Memory keeper). From that moment on she makes multiple individual and collective exhibitions in Guatemala, Spain, Costa Rica and México, consolidating herself as part of a new generation of Guatemalan creators.

In 2003, she moves to Barcelona, Spain for the first time, where she studies painting at the well known Massana Art & Design School.

In 2005 she moves back to Guatemala and continues her pictoric production, with often exhibitions. She also works as Cultural Manager for the Culture Ministry of Guatemala.

In 2007, with a MAE-AECID Scholarship, she moves back to Barcelona, Spain to study a Master in Cultural Managment at the University of Barcelona.

In this days she continues focused in ther artistic production and in cultural managment in her native Guatemala.


I’ve painted ever since I can remember. I cannot describe myself without art. My painting is a continuous search for what is essential, for my true self. In that search, everything that I’ve lived is blended together: relationships, politics, landscapes, my gender, my country… anything. I firmly believe that in the particular lies the entire universe.